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Tech Updates Related To Samsung Smart TV, Audio Technica, and Streamlabs

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:::Samsung has revealed a feature that can disable its television if it ever gets stolen.

Samsung has revealed a feature that can disable its television if it ever gets stolen.
Image Credit: Bleeping Computer

The feature is called, "Television Block Function". It can help the company to remotely block a television. Samsung also revealed that the feature is pre-installed in every television set. To disable the functions of a television, Samsung would only require the serial numbers of that particular television set.

Once the company receives the serial number, it will update its servers. When the thief tries to connect the television with the internet, it will get connected to the server and then it will automatically get disabled. If a television gets disabled by mistake, the user can contact the company and present the proof of purchase - invoice - to unblock his or her television.

Samsung revealed details about the "Television Block Function" after its sets were looted from the warehouse in South Africa. The incident had occurred last month during the protests and unrest in the country. The usage of the feature is currently mysterious. There is no clarity if it applies only to large-scale thefts or to individual thefts as well.

:::Audio-Technica has launched ATH-S220BT in the American market.

Audio-Technica has launched ATH-S220BT in the American market.
Image Credit: Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica ATH-S220BT has been priced at $59 in the American market. The battery life, as claimed by the company, goes up to 60 hours. The drained-out battery can be charged with the super-fast charger. The headphones can be paired with two different devices at the same time.

The voice control feature supports Siri Voice Assistant and Google Assistant. Additionally, Audio-Technica ATH-S220BT also supports the one-tap pairing through Google's Fast Pair Support feature. The one-tap feature is compatible with all android devices. It can be accessed with a single tap on the headphone, and you would not need to take your phone out from your pocket to answer a call, or play/pause audio.

It is currently available in Black, Navy Blue, and White color. Some technical features include 1.2 meters cable, a built-in 3.5mm connector, and 40 mm closed-back dynamic drivers. The headphones can be used with and without the cable.

:::Streamlabs is all set to roll out its "Monthly Tipping Service".

Streamlabs is all set to roll out its "Monthly Tipping Service".
Image Credit: Streamlabs

The live streaming software company will be offering the creators an opportunity to earn a few dollars while streaming their content live on the platform. The creators will have an option to offer different types of subscriptions to their fans. They will also be able to disable the subscription feature on their profile.

The money, or the tip, that fans give to their creators will be directly deposited in the bank account of the creator through PayPal. Streamlabs will not charge any commission. It will only charge a basic transaction processing fee. Ashray Urs, the Head of Product at Streamlabs, said that the feature would be rolled out to every creator irrespective of the number of fans they have.

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