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  • Ankur Sachdev

Tech Updates Related To South Korea, Instagram Reels, And Xbox App

The transportation ministry of South Korea is well-determined to cut the travel time by almost two-thirds of what it currently takes. One of the tech updates is therefore dedicated to the innovation by the country that is on its way to launch air taxis.

Meta is known to get inspired by different apps, based on which it rapidly updates Instagram. The latest tech update about Instagram reviews two TikTok-like features that it has announced. Microsoft has decided to take its Xbox App one step further by making it convenient for the gaming community to create sub-folders.

Let us now review all these tech updates in detail.

South Korea’s Latest Tech Demonstration

The country is riding high hopes to give its citizens the services of air taxis. South Korea in its latest tech updates demonstrated the functioning of a system that controls Urban Air Mobility vehicles. This is expected to serve as a major air taxi service between Incheon International Airport and Central Seoul.

South Korea in its latest tech updates demonstrated the functioning of a system that controls Urban Air Mobility vehicles.
Image Credit: Volocopter

The tech update announced by Noh Hyeong-ouk, the transportation minister of South Korea, is scheduled to be completed by 2025. Once completed, it will reduce the travel time for the citizens by almost two-third. He further said that the air taxi has the potential to become a common means of transportation with daily usage.

One trip from Incheon International Airport to Central Seoul is estimated to cost around ₹7,000/- after the launch. The per-trip price will reportedly be brought down to around ₹1,260/- in 2035.

South Korea tested a two-seat model in its demonstration of the new tech update related to Urban Air Mobility. The model has been made by a Germany-based private company called Volocopter.

Instagram Announces Two New Features

The tech update announced by Instagram takes inspiration from TikTok. Creators have been a crucial part of Instagram. The platform has, therefore, decided to let its creators avail their creativity at the best.

The two new features that Instagram Reel is rolling out are Text To Speech and Voice Effect.
Image Credit: Titan Dizajn

The two new features that Instagram Reel is rolling out are Text To Speech and Voice Effect. Both the features, even though they are being launched on Instagram Reel for the first time, are already available on TikTok. The inspiration is expected to boost the creativity of the creators on Instagram.

Text To Speech, as the name suggests, is an Artificial Intelligence tool that reads the text entered in the video. Creators can deploy the feature when they want an AI tool to read the text instead of them doing the hard work.

Another latest tech update announced by Instagram is related to Voice Effect. The feature modifies the audio of the creator to make the creator’s reel more entertaining. Both the features can be explored on Instagram in the Reel section. The platform is rolling out the features and everyone may be unable to access it due to unavailability.

A Major Tech Update By Xbox

The Xbox app on PC has been a life-saver for many gamers. They can now play their favorite game not just at home but anywhere they want. They only have to carry their laptop with them along with the charger. The app, however, had one drawback that it has finally started to work on.

Microsoft's Xbox PC App
Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox App will now allow gamers to install their games in any folder on their system. The feature was earlier unavailable, making it difficult for the gamers to back up their data and find their games. Microsoft has started to resolve the issue through its latest tech update that it plans to start rolling out at the earliest.

The new tech update includes installing a directory selection that will also enable a gamer to create sub-folders. The feature will be tested before launching it on a larger scale.

Another major tech update announced by Xbox App is the ability to adjust the resolution of the images and videos. Gamers will now be able to set the resolution to turn the HD resolution on or off. If turned on, then the images and videos of the older games will be crisped-up accordingly.


This is all for this week's tech updates.




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