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Meet Ankur Sachdev

Ankur Image 2.jpg

I am an MBA post-graduate with dual specialization in Marketing and Human Resource. I am a simple straightforward person who is inclined to stay involved in his favorite activities.

Last few months have been tough. I was a photographer on the verge of expanding the client base. The Covid-19 pandemic happened and changed everything. My clients had no project to assign, events were completely shut, and i was closer to giving up on everything.

One night, i visited my blog to read a few immature posts that i had published nearly 10 years ago. I began realizing that i could give content writing another shot by delivering a more matured content. I started with Current Affairs, a category that turned out to be really amazing. My interest in publishing more content grew overtime. I, therefore, launched two more categories namely Articles and Tech Updates.

All three categories have been performing well. The response inspired me to take up content writing professionally. I now cater my content writing services to many clients and teams.

It is an astounding feeling to witness what happens when you don't give-up.

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