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Tech Updates Related To Truecaller, Snapchat, And Google Cloud

A tweet was once published where a user asked Trucaller to introduce a feature where people would tell why they are calling. The latest tech update is now available and it applies majorly to promotional calls. The caller identification mobile app has again geared up to introduce some interesting features.

Snapchat has got everyone excited for the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie. It has launched Harry Potter Lens in partnership with Warner Bros.

Google’s tech update relates to the cyberattack attempts that may be performed by some hostile agents on the internet. Let’s dig in to review all this in detail.

Truecaller 12 Has Updates For Everyone

Unless you have iOS, the latest tech update by Truecaller will hit your mobile device soon. It has already been rolled out for many users and it is expected to be made available to everyone at the earliest.

Truecaller 12 is now available for Android Users.
Image Credit: The Financial Express

Truecaller 12 has brought in some new tech updates. They are for all types of users including Free, Premium, and Gold. The two updates that have stolen the highlights are the redesigned interface and Video Caller id.

Video Caller id enables a user to record a short video that would be played when they call someone from their contact. A user will have an option to either record the video or use any one of the four existing templates. The same will hold valid for verified business calls. The redesigned interface properly segregates the Call tab and SMS tab.

The Premium and Gold users get two exclusive features. These are Ghost Call and Call Announce. A Ghost Call is something that a user would be able to schedule for the future. He or she would also be able to customize their photo, number, and name as a part of a friendly game with their contacts. The Call Announce feature would simply speak out the caller id details to the user instead of him or her looking at the phone screen.

Snapchat’s Harry Potter Lens

The first Harry Potter got us excited to receive our own letter from Hogwarts. Disappointingly, the letter never arrived. Something exciting has come up though, and fans are looking forward to it with only Snapchat to thank for that.

Snapchat has introduced Harry Potter Lens to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film.
Image Credit: NDTC Gadget 360

The instant messaging app has introduced Harry Potter Lens in partnership with Warner Bros. It has been 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie was released. The production company would be celebrating it with a reunion of their actors.

Meanwhile, fans will be able to get dressed in festive Hogwarts house colors, attire, and face paint. This latest tech update by Snapchat can be accessed through Snapchat Camera. Fans would be able to click their photos and share them with their friends on the internet.

A competition series has also been lined-up under the title Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses. It will air on November 28, 2021 at 6:30 pm IST (8 pm ET/PT) on TBS and Cartoon Network.

Google Is Bracing Up To Secure Google Cloud

The tech update covers two of the most important aspects of the internet. These are cybersecurity and cryptocurrency mining.

Google announced that cybercriminals were looking to hack its Cloud-based service to mine for Cryptocurrency.
Image Credit: HPCwire

Google announced that cybercriminals were looking to hack its Cloud-based service to mine for Cryptocurrency. Going by the statistics, 86% of the instances were directed towards Cryptocurrency mining in which a Cryptocurrency mining software was downloaded within 22 seconds from the time the account was compromised.

The internet giant added that the attempts were being successful due to poor account security hygiene and a lack of control implementation. The company has therefore recommended every user to enable two-factor authentication.

In a relief, Google said that no case of data theft was recorded and that does not seem to be the objective as well. It still remains a concern as any hostile agent may begin performing abuses in multiple forms.


This is all for this week's tech updates.


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