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  • Ankur Sachdev

A Pill To Balance Your Work Life

There are two types of lives everyone lives - Personal and Professional. A minor imbalance between the two means that one of them weighs higher than another one. This is never good for anyone. Whether we look at it from a health perspective or financial perspective, the return on investment in such an imbalanced lifestyle is only in the negatives.

Work Life Balance | A Pill To Balance Your Work Life | Ways To Balance Your Work Life
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Understanding what is work-life balance is important. There is no denying that there are several articles on the internet that talk about what is being highlighted in this article. Remember, the voice is strongest only when it is echoed from every direction.

High aspirations are one of the key factors that disallow a person to focus on his or her personal life. Meaning, he or she ends up spending more time in their professional world. This adds extra grams on the other side and creates an imbalance in life.

Similarly, the fear of job loss makes people work solely on their projects and this results in paying less attention to one’s personal life.

This does not mean that there is nothing in the personal life that affects one’s professional life. As a matter of fact, work-from-home has taught us that it can get difficult to work while surrounded with a lot of personal vibes.

Ways To Balance Work-Life

Working from the office means often working long hours because the client is very important. Working from home means there is no limit on how much you should work and when your superior or colleagues can contact you.

As the title says, this article is a pill to balance your work life. So, let’s now focus on how you can improve your work-life balance.

1. Detach Yourself

First, get a grip over the thought that work-life balance is important. No matter what someone else says, prioritize work-life balance every second of the day.

This begins with you detaching yourself from the office space - physically and mentally. Drive away from your office with a big smile on your face even if you have had a bad day. Know that you deserve to set one expectation straight on the record after spending 8-9 hours in the office. The expectation is of you being unavailable for work during non-working hours.

Switch your email address, put notifications on silent mode, and learn to ignore work calls. Maybe this sounds far-fetched but it is worth a shot.

2. Screw Perfection

Someone had to say it and i am glad to be that person. Perfection is not a myth. It can be achieved. What is hidden by world-class speakers is that perfection comes from excellence. In other words, all you have to do is strive for excellence without worrying about how perfect the outcome will be.

This helps you to understand that the amount of effort you have invested is enough, provided you have been efficient and effective. Going after perfection will eventually burn you out to lower the output that you can truly deliver.

There are situations where you work a lot on your corporate projects but it does not yield any result. Be realistic to accept that fact and move on. Focus on what else can be done. Take a break to return with a stronger attitude. You will notice that you have automatically implemented work-life balance.

3. Restructure With Delegation

Delegation is one of the best ways to manage the workload, which finally gets everyone back to their homes right on time. Hiring a team depends on the level of budget that the upper-level management of a company allocates. This creates a bit of a problem; however, it can still be worked out.

Superiors, or heads of their respective teams, must identify the strong areas of their team members. Delegate them a portion of the project that they are good at. Playing with the cards that you have been served is a gamble. Coming out as a winner despite possessing weaker cards is what makes you a winner.

Those who have skilled members are blessed but others can still give a fight, at least for the sake of work-life balance. The delegation also prepares the next person in line to take responsibilities before all the pieces of it immediately fall on their shoulders.

4. Burn Calories

A rather cool way of saying that one should exercise more, burning calories helps you in more than one way than you can imagine. It pumps out endorphins to lift your mood.

Exercise keeps you calm throughout the day, you start focusing on taking care of yourself, and it inculcates a sense of handling tough situations better than others. Work-life balance is not a child’s game. If your body lacks the motivation to trigger positive responses under tough situations, things can get stretched without you knowing anything about it.

Also, a session of workout helps you to digest your food and sleep better. All and all, exercising works in the favor of work-life balance till the time you are not committing these common mistakes while trying to get fit.

5. Break The Schedule

Having a proper schedule is a part of living a disciplined life. You eat for 15 minutes, dress up in 10 minutes, and read a newspaper for 30 minutes. This, however, is not the schedule that i am referring to.

The schedule here refers to what you do every day in your professional life. You may still be able to engage in work-life balance but it is never a bad idea to take it up a notch. Go out for a trip, stay at a resort, and turn your back against what is happening in your company.

Work-life balance also involves you taking out some time only for yourself. Doing this once every year will give you more energy while reconnecting you with yourself.

Final Words

To break a myth for you, there are companies with best work-life balance culture. They are rare but they have not perished. If dissatisfactions persist, raise an alarm, and talk to your supervisor about work-life balance. The bottom line is greener only if everyone is on the same page with work-life balance.



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