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  • Ankur Sachdev

Top Ten Realistic Ideas For New Year Resolutions 2022

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Celebrating the new year is a global tradition. It is topped by making commitments to bring amends in life for betterment. These commitments are called New Year Resolutions.

Top Ten Realistic Ideas For New Year Resolutions
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We will talk about them in this article. Out of a list of ten new year resolution ideas, you can pick as many as you want. The beauty is that they are not restricted by location, religion, gender, profession, or age.

Top Ten Ideas For New Year Resolutions

Generally, new year resolutions can be outlined to bring positive changes in your life. The end of a year is a good time to retrospect and evaluate what you have done.

The year 2022, or other years to follow, can have tons of positivity and happiness. You have the potential to bring it to fruition. Here is a list of ideas for new year resolutions mentioned below that will complement your efforts.

1. Make Personal Investments

Investment sounds like a department that requires a lot of work to derive the required return. It is simpler than that.

Making personal investments as a new year resolution refers to spending more time with your loved ones. This applies especially to the ones who share a long-distance relationship.

Every second is good enough to appreciate the people you have in your life, so why not make it a concrete new year resolution? A commitment comes with one string attached which is resolving all the past issues. Adopting it as an idea for a new year resolution will get you going like an achiever.

2. Be A Part Of Something New

Life is good, but it can be exciting if you commit to becoming a part of something new. Getting engaged in a social media trend is definitely not the reference here.

Humans have aspirations. These are either buried deep down in your heart or right there on the surface of your mind. Take them forward by exploring a community in your city, state, or country.

The top spots often consist of joining an NGO or a social group, a theater group, a sports club, travel companions, and a fitness batch, to mention a few. This new year resolution idea can be taken up with an approach of striving for a successful positive experience.

3. Go On A Trip

Travel enthusiasts are smiling and i can feel that already. You may not be one of them but you can surely take up at least one trip during a year.

Distance is irrelevant as a destination is all that matters. You can go for a 50 kilometers drive with your family and still be content about it. One trip every year obliges you to come across something that you have never seen.

It may necessarily not be a dream destination. Your stories from the trip will have a larger value because of this new year resolution. You can also click some photos and shoot a few videos to make it memorable.

4. Pick Up Reading

Let me just put it out in the open, the right kind of literature exists. It requires one to look for it until he or she has found the one.

Just because a person gives up after reading 2-3 pages of a book does not signify that the person hates reading. It implies that that is not the kind of work that interests a person. Reading is a new year resolution that will make you love yourself more.

You can buy an entire set of good books from Amazon. Opt for an ebook if the environment is a concern. Start small by reading only a few pages before going all in. There is no limit to how many pages you must read as long as you are reading a book or an ebook.

5. Move On

Two words that are easier to speak when someone else is the main subject. It gets complicated when you are the subject.

Moving on from something that happened in 2021 or anytime in the past is one of the best ideas for a new year resolution. Accept the fact that things don’t always work in your favor. Play with the cards that have been distributed to you.

Jobs are lost, relationships break, and probably the world surrounding you falls apart. The moment rushes to pinch you harder only to distract you from the ideology of everything happens for a reason, majorly for something better.

6. Keep Your Phone Aside

Of course, we all just check our phones for one email or just one important message. The question is, how important is your phone when you are at home with your family or relatives.

A mobile device is not a priority even when you are with your friends. Make it a new year resolution to keep your phone aside. Enjoy the moment that you have been gifted by nature. It will soon become a memory so you might make it the best one.

Unfollow social media accounts that don’t serve any purpose except to distract you with ridiculous gossip. Resist the temptation of checking what your favorite personality is up to these days. You are merely contributing to their increasing engagement, just another source of their earning.

7. Get Organized

Bring your life in better shape by getting organized. This is a new year resolution idea that will yield long-term returns.

Since kids learn from the elders, the elders being organized inculcates a sense of responsibility among them. Life becomes more disciplined. You can start by reviewing your important documents like identity proof, taxation receipts, and health reports, for instance.

Stress levels will automatically go down. A feeling of being relaxed will reach its peak. You will have track of everything important in your life. In a worst-case scenario, you will have easy access to every important thing during an emergency.

8. Track Finances

This goes beyond the previous point by talking specifically about your financial statements. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize how important it is to have sufficient money in our bank accounts.

Uncertainty still prevails but it can be dealt with by keeping track of the finances. Review your expenses every month to build more savings. Tracking finances as a new year resolution idea will help you achieve financial security.

Tracking finances directly affects your lifestyle. If something happens to you due to an unfortunate incident, people depending on you can continue to live their life based on the savings that you have built.

9. Increase The Level Of Confidence

Something else that affects your lifestyle is your level of confidence. Take it up a notch and witness the wonders that you do.

Out of all the new year resolution ideas, this one gets a little more attention. A higher level of confidence ensures a successful life. It is a key component. You may have an idea that can make a huge impact. It will only be implemented if you have enough courage to put it forward in front of the people.

Knowing your limitations is a great way to start. Let others point them out for you. Work on them to prove why you are the best. Believe in the abilities that you currently have. List down your achievements or make a new year resolution to fill that empty list.

10. Shift To Sustainability

The number of people on this planet is increasing with resources decreasing every day. Committing to a new year resolution where you tackle the environmental issue is something worth considering.

Begin working from your home. Get solar panels installed, pedal a few kilometers, or commute through public transport. You don’t have to be a leader with the capabilities to influence millions of people. This idea for a new year resolution demands only your involvement.

Shopping with a reusable handbag will go a long way. The fashion industry has run its fingers all over the concept. Many websites offer a large variety of options that can be reviewed as per your preference.

Final Words

The ideas for new year resolution presented in this article apply to every year. They await one’s commitment along with dedication.

If you have picked one, or more, already then share it in the comment section. Any other new year resolution that you think should have appeared here can also be shared in the comment section.



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