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Current Affairs Dated November 14, 2021

The current affairs 2021 has additions with a large number of events that happened in and outside India. In this week’s blog post, we will focus on some of the most interesting current affairs updates.

Some of the current affairs updates for this week include BrightChamp raising funds for its operations, Alphabet - Google’s parent company - touching $2 trillion market value, and the little ups & downs in the number of Corona Cases.

Current Affairs Dated November 08, 2021 (Monday)

Corona Cases

The number of Corona Cases across India were as follows:

Confirmed - 3,43,66,987

Recovered - 3,37,63,104

Deceased - 4,61,057

Dr. Padma Bandopadhyay Scripted History

Women’s power has been on the rise for a long time. It is great that they are being recognized globally now. It is only the equal efforts of every human that can make the planet worth living.

Dr. Padma Bandopadhyay has become India’s first woman Air Marshal to receive Padma Shri.
Image Credit: ANI News

This current affairs update is dedicated to (Retired) Dr. Padma Bandopadhyay who became India’s first woman Air Marshal to receive Padma Shri. She was awarded the fourth highest civil award by India’s President Ram Nath Kovind for her exceptional work in the field of medicine.

She was awarded the honor in New Delhi’s Rashtrapati Bhavan. She has retired from her post and now serves the public as a normal civilian. A total of 119 Padma Awards have been awarded to the civilians. This includes 7 Padma Vibhushan, 10 Padma Bhushan, and 102 Padma Shri Awards.

BrightChamps On The Rise

The ecosystem of entrepreneurship is getting stronger with every month of 2021. BrightChamp makes it more evident that a start-up can do wonders with the great determination of its team.

BrightChamps has raied around raised around $51 million.
Image Credit: BrightChamps

The edtech start-up raised around $51 million worth of funds in its recent round. The investment round was led by Premji Investment. The round witnessed the participation of GSV Ventures, 021 Capital, and BEENEXT, to name a few. BrightChamp has raised a total fund of $63 million and it now stands at a market valuation of $500 million.

BrightChamps is a one-year young Goa-headquartered start-up. It has a presence in Southeast Asia, the United States of America, and Canada with more than a hundred thousand registered students covered by more than a thousand teachers. As per a statement released by Ravi Bhushan, the Co-Founder & Chief Executive of BrightChamp, the growth of the start-up has been organic as it has only invested the money that it earned from the customers.

Current Affairs Dated November 09, 2021 (Tuesday)

Corona Cases

The number of Corona Cases across India as reported in Aarogya Setu App were as follows:

Confirmed - 3,43,77,113

Recovered - 3,37,75,086

Deceased - 4,61,389

Data Breach At Robinhood

The current affairs 2021 might get full of such updates in cyberattacks. The Covid-19 pandemic unleashed a deadly virus along with a large number of cyberattacks.

Data breach at Robinhood, a trading platform.
Image Credit: AP News

Robinhood became the latest victim of the cyberattack. The trading platform experienced a case of a data breach where an unauthorized third-party accessed the email addresses of about five million customers. This includes 2 million customers whose full names got exposed. Robinhood assured that the important financial details like Social Security Number, bank account numbers, and/or card details were not exposed.

Reportedly, a third party engineered the breach by tricking a customer support employee into sharing access to a certain customer support system.

Alphabet Hits $2 Trillion Market Value

Google was once called a mountain that cannot be moved from its position. This apparently stands true even during November 2021.

Alphabet has touched the market valuation of $1 trillion.
Image Credit: BBC

This particular current affairs update about Alphabet is to highlight that the parent company of Google has touched the market valuation of $2 trillion for the first time. The internet giant hit the mark of $2 trillion market value after its Class A shares rallied to a record high. Alphabet was created in 2015. It took the company five years to touch the mark of $1 trillion and only one year to touch the mark of $2 trillion market value.

However, Alphabet is not the first US company to touch the historic market valuation of $2 trillion. The two companies that achieved this feat before Alphabet are Apple and Microsoft.

Current Affairs Dated November 10, 2021 (Wednesday)

Corona Cases

The number of Corona Cases across India were as follows:

Confirmed - 3,43,88,579

Recovered - 3,37,87,047

Deceased - 4,61,849

R. Hari Kumar Is The New Chief Of Naval Staff

India has a new Chief of Naval Staff. The announcement was made by the Defence Ministry. The term of Vice-Admiral R. Hari Kumar is all set to begin from November 30, 2021.

The Defence Ministry of India stated that Vice Admiral R. Hari Kumar had been appointed as the next Chief of Naval Staff.
Image Credit: NDTV

The Defence Ministry of India stated that Vice Admiral R. Hari Kumar had been appointed as the next Chief of Naval Staff. R. Hari Kumar will begin his tenure from November 30, 2021. He will take over the office from Admiral Karambir Singh, the current Navy Chief who is scheduled to retire on the same date.

R. Hari Kumar has been serving the Navy for 39 years. He is currently positioned as the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Western Naval Command. His service includes being a part of INS Nishank, INS Kora, Missile Corvette, and INS Ranvir.

General Electric Is Breaking Up

The 129-year old US-based conglomerate will split into three public companies by early 2023. This marks the end of an era for General Electric, making this current affairs 2021 update one of the major highlights.

General Electric to split into three public companies.
Image Credit: AP

The well-established conglomerate will now set its foot in three sectors namely Energy, Healthcare, and Aviation. The objective of breaking General Electric into three public companies has been quoted as saying that it would simplify the business while gradually reducing its debt. Larry Culp, the Chief of General Electric, called this the right thing that must be done without waiting for a day.

Larry Culp is expected to lead the Aviation business of General Electric and the management of the conglomerate will retain around 19.9% stake in the Healthcare business. General Electric will also combine General Electric Renewable Energy, General Electric Digital, and General Electric Power into one company by early 2024.

Current Affairs Dated November 11, 2021 (Thursday)

Corona Cases

The number of Corona Cases across India as reported on Aarogya Setu App were as follows:

Confirmed - 3,44,01,670

Recovered - 3,38,00,925

Deceased - 4,62,189

Portugal’s Trending Move

While the complaints of many employees about their employers contacting them after work go unnoticed almost everywhere, Portugal has taken a step to put an end to this corporate practice.

Portugal has made it illegal for employers to contact their employees after working hours.
Image Credit: Schengen Visa

It is now illegal for an employer to contact his or her employee after working hours, let alone assign some work. This statement of the current affairs update must have been enough to make you smile but there is a little bit more to it. The labor laws passed by Portugal also state that the employee can be penalized if he or she continues to get in touch with the employee during non-working hours.

Portugal is being said to have taken this step to attract more digital nomads. The law currently applies to a company with ten or more employees. If penalized, then the employer would be liable to pay for the employee’s domestic expenses like gas and electricity.

The Number of Dislikes On YouTube Would Now Be Invisible

YouTube has offered an option to view the number of likes and dislikes on a video. This has been in place for a long time. Cut to November 2021, the video-sharing giant has said that while the number of likes would be visible to everyone, the number of dislikes would go invisible.

YouTube to hide the number of dislikes on every video.
Image Credit: The Verge

The announcement comes after YouTube concluded an experiment that showed a positive response towards this update. The dislike button would still be there. You can dislike a video to modify your recommendations accordingly but the number of dislikes would not be shown to you. According to YouTube, the step is being taken to protect the creators from targeted harassment.

Additionally, hiding the number of dislikes of a video is expected to boost respectful interactions among the viewers and creators. YouTube said that the experiment concluded with a result that the hidden number of dislikes led to a reduction in the dislike attacking behavior.

Current Affairs Dated November 12, 2021 (Friday)

Corona Cases

The number of Corona Cases across India were as follows:

Confirmed - 3,44,14,486

Recovered - 3,38,14,080

Deceased - 4,62,690

Myntra Has A New Chief Executive Officer

Nandita Sinha is the woman you see in the headlines these days. She is currently the Vice President of Customer Growth, Media, & Engagement for Flipkart. She would now be taking a new responsibility for the Flipkart-owned fashion eCommerce site.

Nandita Sinha is the new Chief Executive Officer of Myntra.
In Pic: Nandita Sinha; Image Credit: The Economic Times

The appointment of Nandita Sinha as the new Chief Executive Officer for Myntra would be effective from January 01, 2022. She would be filling the shoes of Amar Nagaram who stepped down from the post last month. He cited his intentions to pursue his venture as a reason to step down from the role of Myntra’s Chief Executive Officer.

The new CEO of Myntra, Nandita Sinha, would report to Kalyan Krishnamurthy who is the CEO of the Flipkart Group. She has been working with Flipkart for 8 years, during which she excelled at various roles and in multiple categories. Nandita Sinha was a co-founder of before joining Flipkart.

Millions Of People Displaced

Violence and conflict have never done anything good in this world. The majority of the section that suffers is innocent humans. The latest report published by the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, highlights some of the shocking facts.

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has published a new report.
Image Credit: The United Nations

According to the recent report published by UNHCR, around 84 million people have been displaced due to violence and conflict. Climate change is another factor that has resulted in the displacement of these people. The number is only for the first half of 2021. It stood at 82.4 million people for 2020. Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, called out to international communities who he said were failing to prevent violence, persecution, and violations of human rights.

The report published by UNHCR also highlighted that there was an increase in the number of refugees. The maximum number came from the Central African Republic which stood at 71,800. It is followed by South Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, and Nigeria with 61,700, 38,800, 25,200, and 20,300 refugees respectively.


This is all for this week's current affairs updates.


Disclaimer: The information has been presented in this blog after reviewing various news articles. In case you find any article, or if you have any article, that states some facts differently, then share them in the comment section. Please keep the publishing date of the article in mind as it may be an update on the article which was published previously, or it may contain outdated information if it was published before the date mentioned in this blog. The blogger is not responsible for any transaction that happens between the reader and the brand.



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