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Five Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I have been thinking about taking a break for a long time but my work does not allow me to do that. I was starting to get 'blues' while working and i wanted to get over it without having to compromise. I decided to come up with a topic that would make me feel like i am on vacation. I started to pen this article and found it a bit relaxing. I may take a real break in the future though.

Five things to keep in mind whlie traveling
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I find staying at home to be very comforting but i wanted to understand why people like to travel. When i started to read, i realized that there was some important information that i should share with all of you. I will come to that important information later in this article. For now, let's see why people like to travel:

1. You discover What one discovers while traveling may not sound as if it is worth million dollars but a time comes when it crosses the billion-dollar mark. When you travel to a different place, you philosophically discover yourself to know what kind of a person you are. This broadens your perspective. It also broadens your social circle as you meet new people. There is a chance that you end up establishing a lifelong relationship with them. Opportunities do not look limited as you find out that there is a lot in this world in addition to what you have been exposed to since your birth. 2. Sense of achievement This starts from the moment when you research for hours & succeed in finding the tickets at the best price and ends when you reach home after your trip. There is a lot that happens in between these two moments and some of them give you a sense of achievement. Trekking to the top of the mountain, finding your national cuisine in a foreign land, and trying to talk to locals in their language are some moments that give you a sense of achievement. If you try to find vegetarian food in another place, then you are not alone & we should plan a trip together. 3. Widens Point of View (POV) This point explains 'broadens your perspective' in a better way. Just like education makes an individual aware of what fields exist in our society, traveling makes an individual aware of different cultures, food preparation styles, and various communities. The best thing is that you begin to reflect on yourself and try to make positive changes in your life. You may get angry after getting stuck in traffic but realize that enjoying every moment is more important than burning your soul. Every place has its vibe and inculcating that in your personality may be helpful. 4. Creates memories and stories After a certain age, we are only left with memories and stories. The best ones make us smile and the worst ones make us a guide for others. When you visit a new place, you either have a good experience or have a bad experience. There is no third way about it. The moment you taste local cuisine and realize that it's the best you have ever had, you go on to tell everyone about how you found that restaurant/cafe in the first place. You may even go on to narrate it better than some best storytellers in the world. For bad experiences, you learn to move on and tell others not to do what you did. 5. Expands comfort zone Visiting a new place boosts your confidence and expands your comfort zone. The first day at school, for example, is scary for many children. As the day progresses, or as time passes, children become best friends and school becomes their second home. Similarly, traveling to a new place vanishes your fear of meeting new people and getting lost. You learn to find ways to talk to people and to reach your destination. For people from the creative field, this becomes a source of their idea for something new. 6. Improves relationships Traveling brings back the spark that your relationship has lost over time. A trip with your romantic partner, family, or friend helps you to resolve issues that have persisted for a long time. This happens because the change of place gives you different energy and emotions. When you are out doing something that you love, like scuba diving, you fill yourself with positivity and this positivity makes you resolve all the issues that you have with the other person. A human mind can either have positivity or have negativity. There is no place for both. Traveling builds and strengthens an existing relationship too. This is the reason why many offices plan a day out with their employees. 7. Take a break The whole idea of traveling is to take a break from the routine. It is a good habit to wake up at 5 am and reach your office on time every day but there is a psychological limit for how long one can do this. The week-offs are in place for a reason. They allow you to break your routine, charge yourself and return with more energy. Utilize these breaks for something meaningful.

Well, people looking for reasons to travel now have a lot of them. You are welcome!

Five best places to travel

Some places offer only the romantic mood or only the adventurous feel and people of every age may not feel comfortable visiting there. For this article, i have tried to come up with five places that everyone can visit no matter what.

The five best places to travel are as follows:

1. Rajasthan

The state with 'padharo mhare desh' as its slogan is at the top. The slogan translates to, "welcome to my land."

Image Credit: OYO

The state is located on the northern side of India. It is known for its culture, forts, and palaces. Some of the must-visit places in Rajasthan are Mount Abu (its hill station), Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Chittorgarh. The best time to visit Rajasthan is during the winters, that is from October to February. 2. Varanasi Varanasi is a city that is filled with purity. It is located in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Image Credit: PlanetWare

The city is famous for its ghats where millions of people come to practice Yoga & meditate, Kashi Vishwanath Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Durga Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The best time to visit Varanasi is during winters, that is from October to February. 3. Kerala The list would have been incomplete without naming Kerala. It is a state that is located on India's tropical Malabar Coast.

Image Credit: iStock

The state is known for its natural beauty, eco-tourism, houseboats, temples, and traditional art forms like Kathakali & Bharatanatyam. The best time to visit Kerala is from September to March as the climate is pleasant and the humidity is less. 4. Bali Bali is an island that is located in Indonesia. It generally has two types of seasons namely, Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Image Credit: PlanetWare

The island is the house of several temples and art forms. Additionally, it also offers some of the best beaches and party places. The culture is the sophisticated mix of Hindu dharma and its local customs. The best time to visit Bali is from April to October. 5. New Orleans New Orleans is a city in Louisiana. The city is located on the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico.

New Orleans
Image Credit: Forbes

The city is known for its music and live performances which happen very often featuring various bands. One of the main attractions is the Sazerac House. It offers an interactive journey to visitors who wish to explore the rich history of the city. The best time to visit New Orleans is from February to May. The weather is cool during this time and musical performances are at their peak.

All the places that i have stated above are known for welcoming tourists with an open arm. If you have visited any of these places, then do share your experience in the comment section below. Feel free to write about any other place that you have visited.

Things to keep in mind while traveling

Traveling is one of the best things to do and you do not want to mess it up whether you are on a solo trip or out with your family & friends. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to experience your trip amazingly:

1. Be confident A new place looks scary and the fact that you do not have plans to live there forever makes you uncomfortable. This detracts you from enjoying your trip. No matter where you go, keep your confidence level high and remember that this world is one big family. Walk like you are a native of the place. Eat your meals as per your schedule and drink a lot of water to remain hydrated. These things too boost your confidence. In case you lose your luggage, take a deep breath, relax, and contact the relevant authorities. Your confidence is worth more than a treasure. Do not lose it in any case. 2. Be comfortable Do not stress about anything while traveling. Make a list of things that you want to carry and try to filter it till the time you are left with the most essential items. It is a good idea to carry extra clothes and an additional pair of shoes, but leave your jewelery and other expensive items behind. This also includes the load of your office/school/college. Everyone you meet, every place you visit, & the hotel where you stay will make your trip memorable and not the things that you carry. Find ways to make yourself comfortable. For example, some people feel comfortable after they know where clean washrooms are. 3. Plan well You do not have to be a leader. It is easy to plan a trip. Start with setting a budget and then look for a location. Check for hotels, must-visit places, food items offered, climate, and the language spoken. Many people forget to check how locals commute. This causes a problem for a traveler as he/she ends up spending a lot of money on cabs. If you are traveling alone, then share every detail with your family & friends including a scanned copy of your passport, tickets, and booking confirmation. A foreign place requires a tourist to use the local currency. You may use your card to pay your bill but remember to inform your bank. The bank may reject transactions and suspend your card if it finds it suspicious. 4. Know the place Do your research about the place where you are planning to visit. Read the rules & regulations that one must follow and note all the emergency numbers like of the police & the hotel where you will stay, & write down the address of your embassy. Check the currency conversion rate before converting your currency. Go through the reviews of the hotel where you are planning to stay and the places that you are planning to visit. This will give you a better idea of your destination. If possible, talk about what safety measures must be taken in case of emergency with people who have previously visited the place. 5. Don't rush Take your time to feel the vibe of your destination. Running from one place to another will make you miss out on many special moments like the sunset or the performance by a local group. Schedule your trip and keep enough time for a destination. Keep track of your spending and be careful so that you have sufficient money to buy something special. Share your whereabouts with all your family members and friends. Send them the number of the public transport that you are using to commute. If it is a cab that has been booked online, then share all the details that you get while booking like the name of your driver along with his/her photo. Traveling is a time to make memories, and it is not a race that you must win.

The two most important things to remember are to make your reservations on time and carry all the essential items like medicines & chargers.


Plan a trip as often as possible but do not make it a necessity. A drive of, say, merely 100 kilometers also counts as a trip and it may refresh your mind. Keep these five things in mind while traveling and you will have the best experience of your life.

That is all for this topic.

If you have anything to contribute then kindly share it in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.



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