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  • Ankur Sachdev

Skills To Develop In Your Free Time

Skill is a collective set of competence, ability, and knowledge. These are developed either with experience or by undertaking a learning initiative. Skills can be broadly classified as Personal Skills or Professional Skills.

Personal skills are related to survival & social presentation while professional skills are related to management & leadership. Knowing what skills to develop means a person is well versed in the fact that he or she needs to focus on gaining more information, better efficiency, and higher proficiency.

Skills To Develop In Your Free Time

Development of skills is a long-term investment. Results may begin to appear after a while but the actual return is received a lot later. The timeline differs for everyone but the crux, more or less, remains the same.

Personal Skills To Develop
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Here is a list of skills to develop whenever you get time. These are easy and sound just like any other things one can accommodate.

1. Step Out Of The Comfort Zone

A comfort zone becomes normal after a certain time. People remain in their comfort zone when life seems tough or they have a tight schedule to run. Stepping out of the comfort zone is a personal skill to develop that one can look into.

Set a higher target to go after it. Opportunities will naturally open up during the process. Leaving the comfort zone boosts confidence that something greater can always be achieved.

2. Work On Reflex To Be Positive

Life is full of ups-downs and how one responds to each phase is called the reflex. Working to have a positive reflex in every situation is definitely one of the skills to develop. People let bad phases turn them emotionally down, furthermore affecting what they can do next.

Many even get scared after achieving success under the impression that they will be pulled down by others. A positive reflex makes one look at the greener side of life in every type of situation.

3. Face An Enemy

Unbelievably, the best worst qualities of a person are brought out by their enemies. Sportspeople, for instance, learn a lot from their opponents. An enemy is someone who challenges a person to his or her core edge.

It could be the boss or a colleague. It could also be a situation that breaks the person most of the time. Facing such enemies is the only way forward and therefore it is on the list of skills to develop whenever you can.

4. Live In The Present

A lot of time is spent thinking about what could have been done or what should be done. The problem is that nothing fruitful is ever delivered until an action is taken. Among all the skills to develop, living in the present is a skill that works on two major fronts.

When someone learns to be in the moment then he or she gets educated in analyzing the past and planning for the future. Being in the moment is all about gratefully accepting the outcome to move on.

5. Look For A Mentor

Faces can differ and body types may vary for everyone. Personality, however, resembles the most in this world. Thousands of people could be good at investment but only one person is enough to inspire and bring the right change in another person.

Find that one person to follow their works. Observe their behavior and know the reason behind their success. Being flexible enough to look up to someone for improvement is one of the skills to develop.

6. Prioritize Your Health

Neglecting health is equivalent to lowering one’s lifespan. As age progresses, body language deteriorates because of poor health. It may be invisible on the outside but the sufferer feels pain inside. This can be avoided by hitting the gym or going for a walk in the morning.

It features in the list of skills to develop as prioritizing health makes one age well with a positive attitude and a healthier lifestyle.

7. Learn To Accept Feedback

Change comes to a person when he or she requests feedback from the concerned party. Before proceeding with this, know that what one has done may or may not be liked by everyone equally. Plus, there are elements waiting to rain destructive criticisms just for fun.

Two skills to develop here are identifying constructive & destructive feedback and having enough courage to get back to the concerned party for future growth.

8. Break-Up With Your Device

Mobile phones and laptops have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. They do nothing but cause distraction and keep one away from real life, thereby reducing the actual human contact.

When one breaks up with their device, he or she becomes good at developing and maintaining relationships with others with higher productivity. Knowing the correct manner and sufficient time for usage of a device are the two skills to develop in the free time.

9. Wander To Explore

Calling oneself a workaholic is the most toxic thing to do. Sure, it looks good in the corporate world but the person has very little time left to live the life. Exploring the world or merely going out with friends signals that a person knows how to balance everything in his or her life.

Wandering and balancing are the skills to develop that can be looked into by joining an online class or connecting with experts. Get a book from Amazon if everything else seems frightening but do something other than work.

10. Enter Into The Acceptance Phase

Actions can be controlled but not the outcome. Moving on and constantly learning from a certain phase are the two skills to develop. They go a long way in one’s life. Both inculcate a sense of calmness in the personality.

Having a regretful nature takes away several bonus points with losses including a failed interview or a broken relationship with the other person.


Certain things that come to mind while talking about skills to develop are drawing, cooking, or driving. To clarify, such points did not appear in the list because they qualify either as a hobby or an everyday task. These must be accomplished to get essential things done. Skills, however, get essential things done by a person wonderfully.



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